Instrument Rental Form 1

Click the link below to view and download this rental form. Please fill out your information at the top of the page along with your card information towards the bottom. We will fill out all instrument and price information when you come in.

Instrument Rental Form 1

-B Street Music

2 thoughts on “Instrument Rental Form 1”

  1. Hi there, I’m interested in renting a drum kit or preferably a small drum kit for in indoor show. Looking to rent for a week – I’m not sure whether if this is ok, or if the term is too short for you. Interested in the availability and cost. Thank you

    1. Hi Archie,

      We will be happy to rent a drum kit to you. Please give us a call at (650) 342-6565 and ask for Sepand or Chris and we will get you taken care of.

      Thank you!

      B Street Music

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