Musical Instrument Repair in Burlingame, CA

What we offer

B Street Music provides a wide range of musical instrument repair in Burlingame, CA, from string changes and band instrument repair to pro audio repair and vintage instrument restoration.

We also offer musical instrument warranty repairs, and we are proud to be an authorized service center for Yamaha and Fender products.

Meet our repair staff

Call or Text (650) 342-4362

Derek is our luthier/repair technician, with over 25 years of professional instrument building, repair, and maintenance experience.
Whether it's that "not-quite-right" new item, or that old "diamond-in-the-rough" you've been meaning to return to its old glory, just bring in any equipment needing service for the most time-effective and accurate assessment—or call/text (650) 342-4362 for a quick informal evaluation.

Electronic gear failure? Warranty issues? No problem! Harry, our service manager, will get it fixed ASAP. 
Harry is also a keyboard technician & piano tuner, withover 25 years of professional experience in piano and keyboard repair, maintenance and         tuning. He can get your ailing synth or digital piano back in action soon, so you can get back to playing!